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Data + marketing platform for restaurants

Lead Back-End Engineer @ Growing NYC Startup

$80k – $140k • 2.0% – 6.0%
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***About Bikky***
Bikky’s mission is to modernize how restaurants understand, engage, and retain their guests.

The growth of delivery and digital ordering is akin to Amazon’s disruption of retail a decade ago. But therein lies our opportunity, because with this shift to e-commerce comes a massive influx of customer data. Our challenge is to equip restaurant operators and marketers with the tools to manage, understand, and wield this data.

We launched less than 12 months ago and work with >15 brands across ~200 locations, including some of the best known brands in NYC (Dos Toros, Gregorys Coffee, 16 Handles, Fields Good Chicken, Ivan Ramen).

What does the world look like if we succeed?

For restaurants, they’ll blend the science of data and digital marketing with the art of hospitality to answer the most critical question for any 21st century business: who are my customers?

For Bikky, we’ll be the data and marketing backbone underpinning the largest transformation in the restaurant business since drive-thru started over 70 years ago.

***Role purpose***
You’ll be our chief back-end engineer, so you’ll have unparalleled oversight of our product. You’re the key to transforming it from an MVP that’s garnered good early traction into a scalable data and marketing platform.

Our product has three core pillars:

1) Aggregation. We consolidate guest data from delivery, loyalty, point of sale, and other services in one place to unlock a unified view of the guest.

2) Engagement. We use the data to automate engagement in a meaningful, sustained way.

3) Profit. We use ROI reporting to track real revenue generation and guest retention.

You’ll implement features and improvements across each of these pillars so we can a) execute on our core mission; and b) scale.

In 2020, we plan to double our customer base and 3x our revenue. That can’t happen without you!

***Core responsibilities***
Here’s what success could look like in your first 6 months on the job:

● Every new customer stresses the system with more data to ingest, structure, and analyze. You’ll audit and implement changes to our current architecture so it can handle our growth - and the increasing amount of data that comes with it.

● Our integrations with various delivery, loyalty, and point of sale providers are the foundation of our business. You’ll ensure current integrations can scale, as well as build new ones.

● Right now campaign execution (stop, start, sequencing, automation) all happens within our customers’ email service provider (i.e. Mailchimp). You’ll start building this functionality into our core product to streamline how we turn the data we ingest into revenue-generating campaigns.

● Our ROI reporting is currently external from our platform (i.e. it’s manual and housed in spreadsheets). You’ll start building this functionality into our core product. That means filtering through all the guest and transaction data we’re ingesting to automatically determine how much revenue our campaigns are generating.

In 12 months, you’ll help take us forward into the next major phase for our company (these are some possibilities):

● API integrations with major cloud-based point of sale systems?
● Building our own email service provider to completely close the loop on data ingestion + campaign management + ROI / attribution?
● Building a direct integration with Facebook Ads Manager to automatically create audiences and launch social campaigns?

● Implement a structured development process for building, testing, and deploying features. Must be high-standards as will become the model for our development cycle as we add new team members to the engineering org
● Onboarding, training, and managing new engineers

***Required experience***
● 4+ years of back-end coding experience with preferably 2+ years in your most recent role
● Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science
● You’re building a web app in your current role
● You’re managing infrastructure on AWS
● You work primarily with no-SQL databases (we use MongoDB)

***Technical skills***
● In your time, you’ve worked extensively with Python and PHP.
● You’re comfortable with sockets and real-time data ingestion & aggregation.
● Solid coding practices including good design, unit testing, peer code reviews and a preference for agile methods.

~Nice to have~
● An excellent understanding and past experience with ElasticSearch
● An excellent working knowledge and past experience building front-end using React and comfortable with Bootstrap, Material UI.
● Have previously worked in the setup of a CI/CD pipeline

***Non-technical skills***
● Strong verbal and written communication skills . That means being comfortable speaking with customers, asking insightful questions about how they use the product or their problems, and communicating both verbally and in writing your findings as well as recommendations.

● Collaborative - must function well in a team environment. We are good with leaving you alone to execute on the mission. But there needs to be a high-level of collaboration as engineering, product, and sales work in lock-step with one another, especially at this early stage

● Data-driven - you’ll be expected to measure progress towards the KPIs of the engineering function, and propose and implement ideas to meet or exceed those goals. As the primary member of the team, you’ll of course have input in defining these..

We’re committed to diversity in all its forms: gender, socioeconomic, political, racial, religious, and cultural. These characteristics lead to a more vibrant working environment, which in turn leads to better customer experiences and business outcomes.

We value learning, taking chances, candidly expressing our views, and most importantly, moving forward together.

There are no sure things in life, and that’s more true in startups than in most other cases. But if you choose to spend your valuable time working with us, what we can guarantee is ownership, growth, and above all, the chance to build something meaningful.

Bikky is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Abhinav Kapur

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Founder @Bikky, ex sell-side e-commerce analyst @BTIG, former banker @BofA Merrill Lynch

Shandeep Sharma

Avatar for Shandeep Sharma
Third full-time business hire at Panjiva. Over six years played role of utility infielder and helped company become a profitable, multi-million dollar business.

Bikky at a glance

Data + marketing platform for restaurants

Bikky focuses on CRM, Restaurants, Retail Technology, and Digital Marketing. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees. To date, Bikky has raised $250K of funding; their latest round was closed on December 2018 at a valuation of $4M.

You can view their website at http://www.bikky.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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