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The mission is everything: helping restaurants navigate the shift to delivery and digital ordering, and equipping them with the tools to better understand, engage, and retain their guests. This mission though presents challenges across multiple fronts: -the traditional restaurant tech stack is broken, with >6 separate sources of customer data -product adoption is hard because operators don't have the time or expertise to analyze data and maket it actionable - they need to spend their time running a labor-intensive business -distribution is hard because restaurants are a fragmented industry -the value prop needs to be well-defined because restaurant margins are already thin; you really need to prove how the product adds value and makes their lives better But these challenges are what make our opportunity so exciting. We're a small group of entrepreneurs passionate about our mission, and fearless in the face of these challenges. We hope you'll join us.
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Lead Back-End Engineer @ Growing NYC Startup

Posted 7 months ago

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Bikky’s mission is to modernize how restaurants understand, engage, and retain their guests.

The growth of delivery and digital ordering is akin to Amazon’s disruption of retail a decade ago.