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We are weirdly annoyed by each of the 400,000 bikes which get stolen - and quickly re-sold - in the Netherlands every year. Having the unpleasant first-hand experience with losing a bike, as bad of an experience with trying to buy the next one, and hearing sad stories from people all around, we think the €100 Million+ direct loss somehow even isn’t the worst thing about this issue.

So, we analysed the problem and came up with a solution:
Our ambition is to create a fun-to-use platform for cyclists to buy & sell verified non-stolen bikes using our smart verification algorithm. We are also aiming to help theft victims find their bikes back using our automatized AI-based search, and are building a nation-wide bike database connected to police, insurance companies, bike stores etc.

Comfort and peace of mind on every bike journey. That’s what we work for.
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Digital Marketing Internship

Excited about social media, digital communication, and their connection to business results of an ambitious start-up? Join us in our mission to end bike theft and enable connected cycling experience to the whole world. You should: - Have a knack for social media and digital communication in...