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Nanodiamonds Redefining Imaging for Cancer Detection

Nanodiamonds Redefining Imaging for Cancer Detection

Early detection of cancer, & its deadly metastasis, is necessary for increasing the cure rate. Current cancer screening is unable to detect breakaway tumor cells that lead to micrometastatic tumors. Bikanta is introducing a revolutionary nanotechnology platform based on nanodiamonds that empowers researchers & medics to detect & address diseases early at the molecular level.

Nanodiamonds are next generation imaging probes trailblazing cutting-edge research including applications with the recent Nobel Prize in Chemistry for super-resolved fluorescence microscopy & utility in cancer detection devices complementary to Google X's research (goo.gl/HYPsDN), Bikanta's technologies are positioned for significant market penetration into $40-60B R&D markets before large clinical follow-on markets.
Founder & CEO of Bikanta. Post-doctoral fellowships at the National Cancer Institute and National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute. PhD from University of Oxford.
Founder and CSO of Bikanta Corp. Research focus on regenerative medicine, stem cells and cancer stem cells. PhD from Oxford University.

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