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AI Powered Messaging Monetization

AI Powered Messaging Monetization

Biggerpan has built an AI that predicts people's needs based on the intent expressed in their text conversations, like their SMS and instant messaging apps. By doing so, our goal is to provide a better mobile user experience while offering new monetization perspectives to messaging app developers and key players in the consumer mobile space, such as carriers and smartphones manufacturers.

Android Mobile Engineer / Java Developer

Full Stack Engineer / Node.js Developer

Audrey Poindessault

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Co-founder & COO at Biggerpan, the 1st AI that predicts what you want on mobile without searching. Former CMO at @Cartier with 10+ years in the luxury business.

Eric Poindessault

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CEO @Biggerpan, AI Powered Messaging Monetization. Founder, investor, mentor, speaker, contributor at TechCrunch & VentureBeat, @Google LaunchPad alum