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Helping Startups by Finding THEIR Needle

Helping Startups by Finding THEIR Needle

Ever asked yourself the difference between a good recruiter & a great one?
....We haven't....

We do recruiting the right way. Offering technology & product focused companies a premium experience with unmatched service. First we assess companies based on mutual fit with our network & their team building philosophy & methodologies. We then deliver qualified, hand matched, and curated introductions to the people you've been looking for.

We recruit & network with any position a startup or established tech company would need in their organization with a focus on what you're looking for.

Our Mission Statement:

Find & Help those who want to wake up everyday with the same feeling we do: If you love it - It's not work.

We’ve built teams from scratch, added crucial leaders to established startups, & willingly jumped knee deep into internal recruiting processes at high growth companies.

Job searching & interviewing is draining - Let us help

Experience a different type of recruiting ...

Scott Williams

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Founder @Big Haystack Labs • Prev. Founder @ @Gotham Source Partners = Growth partner @Grand Central Tech [Lead In-house Recruiting Team]

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