Our technology is based on Hyperspectral Imaging which determines minuscule colour changes occurring in the plants due to physiological and phenological changes. For example: When a disease like bacterial blight infects a pomegranate plant, it is caused by a pathogen called Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. punicae. This pathogen releases a number of effector proteins including TAL effectors into the plant through their secretion system. This effector protein causes some biochemical change in the plants and leaves. With human eyes, these changes become visible only when the water-absorbing red-brown spots become visible on leaves to human naked eye. But with Hyperspectral imaging, we are able to identify the colour changes occurring in the leaves due to these biochemical changes - even at just the onset of the infestation which helps us in providing early predictions and forecasts to the growers so that losses can be prevented.

Software Engineer Intern

I am an aeronautical engineer solving agriculture problems with a humanitarian approach using most advanced technologies.
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