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No lender fees. No commission. No, really.



Vishal Garg

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Founder+CEO@better Founder@1/0 Capital. Co-Founder@FutureFinance, Co-Founder,Chariman@Climb, Chairman@Phoenix Founder@myrichuncle,


Lisa Yin

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Elena Casas

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gabby ricci

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Optimizing Talent & HR Operations with experience in but not limited to ATS implementation and usage, Campus Recruiting, and Change/Project Management

Thomas Ongeri

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Tansik Koyuncu

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Current: Senior Product Manager at Better - PM at Policygenius - Chief of Staff to the CEO and Product Partnerships at MediaMath - Onex (PE) - Qatalyst (M&A)

Melissa Halliwell

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Closing Manager at Better.com - Professional "Fire Fighter"

Mikhail Posternak

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Finance, strategy, and operations for startups with wide range of experience.

Leslie Starr

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Worked at Better.com

Joe Laidlaw

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Worked at Better Mortgage

Brian Le

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Worked at Better Mortgage

Brian Delfs

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Works at Better Mortgage. Experience with Sales, Financial Services, and Conflict Mediation
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Former team

Hai Kim

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Hardik Gupta

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Stacy Chen

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Jack Abramowitz

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Benjamin Fine

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Michael Selberg

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