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Why 500M people globally still go through an highly uncertain journey of finding life partners? Have you wondered why this problem remains unsolved for hundreds of years?

We believe we have an answer by building the world's largest partner prediction engine based on the past data of millions of married couples.
If you are interested in the product and deliver on humongous responsibility to grow a globally successful company (globally 500M people including 60M Indians) with the continuous thrill of ups and downs of startup, you should reach out to us.
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Full time Content Creator/Writer

As a full-time Content Writer for Marketing, you will be involved in growing India's first AI based true-compatibility product for unmarried singles.

Below is a list of several skills required to deliver on responsibilities for full-time Content Writer:

Social media content on Facebook, Twitte...

Software Engineer

React native Full stack developer (Android/IOS) 2+ years experience

We are looking for a full time Full-Stack react native engineer who will take a key mobile product development role for http://betterhalf.ai/

What is the company about?

Software Engineer

Hybrid mobile application developer (react-native)

Posted 9 months ago

Looking for a talented react-native developer with around 2 years of experience who can take up responsibilities remotely and contribute significantly to our App development. More information will be given to interested candidates.