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A platform for betting social clout instead of money.

A platform for betting social clout instead of money.

Watch the pitch here youtube.com/watch?v=qgEt5NuBOVY

The company makes 3 assumptions:

1) A large subset of people are uncomfortable putting money on bets.
2) Betting with nothing riding on it isn't fun.
3) People love competing.

When people win or lose bets those in the circles they choose to see these outcomes and can laugh and engage in banter with them. Furthermore, users can make bets such that losers have posts on their facebook page saying they lost.

Not only are users able to compete with their friends, but they are also able to make bets against strangers on sports and/or live on esports streams. Streamers and/or sports leagues are able to offer prizes to users who make the best bets in their stream.

Research shows that betting drives engagement, so there are many use cases and value ads that this product can provide.

Reach out to me if you want to see the wireframe, or if you have any questions.
Founder at Better Bet, currently team building - Were letting people bet with social clout instead of money. I'm also a world level fencer.

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