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Farhan Ahmad

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Senior exec roles at Barclays, Discover, JPMorgan Chase. Founded/was part of 4 new ventures: Bento, Chase HealthAdvance, Aceva Technologies, LifeMinders.


Worked at Snapsheet, Ageless Eye Care. Experience with Billing, Bilingual, Customer Relationship Management. Went to Northern Illinois University

Tracy Hansen

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Alison Lawyer

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Passionate about solving real-world problems with technology and human-centered design.

Tashma Scott

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Developer excited about writing Python/JavaScript. Previous experience at OfferUp and Army Special Operations veteran. Looking to solve real-world problems.

John Turner

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I love technology, learning, and new opportunities.

Laura Green

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Works at Bento for Business
Full stack generalist, Head of IT for a startup (as well as a lead engineer)

Shuyi Shang

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Jeff Pomeroy

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Product Executive. Entrepreneur. Sarcastic runner who drinks wine ;)
I am an engineering leader and technologist passionate about building amazing teams and fantastic products.

Senam Amegashie

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Jill of All Trades! Master of Enough of Them. I'm 100% grade A AWESOME & I'm the one you've been waiting for! Customer Success, Advocacy & Sales! I get it done!

Daniel Mañá

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Full-Stack Web Developer • Worked at @Bento for Business , @LogZilla , @YadaZing • Studied at @Universitat Politecnica De Barcelona Fib
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Board members and advisors

Flint Lane

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Founder and CEO of Billtrust, a leader in eBilling and ePayments. Dad to three, husband to one, volunteer Big Brother.

Dave Zilberman

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Former team

Lance Wills

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Jacqueline Vertino

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Renato Steinberg

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Andrew Jeon

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James Wildman

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J. Allie Morse

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