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Chief Business Officer

$1k – $2k
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Role: Chief Business Manager
Hours: Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Fridays 10 am to 1 p.m.
Work from: 303 East 33rd street or the Soho House
Pay: $2000 per month plus $200 for commute

1. Practitioner Recruitment, Engagement, communications

Objective: Expand the practitioners’ community of Begin To Heal, get them engaged

Find Doctors and Practitioners to join the platform at events in NYC or through sending emails, cold calling etc. with a specific focus on Chiropractors, Therapists, Naturopaths, Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine Doctors

Create the Webinar series with Practitioners, create webinar calendar

Be the main point of contact to help Practitioners with questions or onboarding new ones

Identify practitioners who have a podcast, radio shows for joint marketing activities and other practitioners for joint speaking engagements in the city with the founder

Success criteria

Recruit a total of 40 doctors and practitioners by the end of 2018 and another 40 doctors and practitioners by the end of March 2019.

Set up 8 weekly webinars between now and end of 2018 that would cover at least 6 different disciplines.

Establish a support email address for practitioners with an SLA of 4 hours turnaround

Set up at least 5 joint marketing events with practitioners until end of 2018 with an average of 25 participants per event

2. Subscription/ Bookings
Objective: Create awareness and get signups for our subscription model as that’s a key revenue generator for the business
a. Brainstorm and execute ways to increase the $10 monthly subscription
b. Identify places to advertise BTH, magazines, cabs, subway
c. Identify guerilla marketing efforts like outing people outside whole foods with BTH flyers and discounts
d. Forums/ Blogs: Find a list of forums like Quora and Well & Good where Begin to Heal can answer customer's health and wellness related questions to bring them to our website
e. Give practitioner codes to give their clients for free sessions or courses or webinars on BTH

Success criteria: Get 300 people to signup for the $10 monthly subscription by end of 2018

3. Partnerships

Objective: To establish Partnerships with spaces and groups in NYC

Partner with Yoga Studios, coworking spaces, women networking groups to spread the work on BTH. Come up with ways for us to spread the word on BTH to their audience

Create partnerships with associations like Acupuncture society of NYC, Holistic Heart Society, Ayurveda schools etc to get access to their audience

Find ways to associate with depression society, suicide awareness lines, etc to tell people about BTH

Create partnerships with organic brands that are in Well summit to get access to their newsletters or their customer base

Success criteria

Get partnerships with 30 yoga studios, 20 co-working spaces and at least 5 women networking groups by end of 2018

Setup 6-8 meetings with Acupuncture society, Ayurveda schools etc by end of 2018

4. Events

Objective: Find events to showcase BTH to create brand awareness and for Pooja to network with practitioners, peers and investors

Find premium wellness, lifestyle events in NYC where BTH can get a booth or speaking engagements. Eg the WELL event in Brooklyn

Look for events in NYC for Pooja to attend, female entrepreneur events, marketing events doctors events

Maintain spreadsheet for events and updating it weekly

Consider member groups to join, on Linked in and NYC groups like IVY etc

5. Other

Manage Interns who will go to forums and talk about BTH to find individual customers who ask questions on Quora etc
New York City
Job type
Visa sponsorship
Not Available
2+ years
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Your trusted source on Holistic Healing

Begin To Heal focuses on Healthcare, Alternative Medicine, and Health and Wellness. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://begintoheal.com

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