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Automation QA Engineer (Kraków)

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As an Automation QA Engineer at Beekeeper (beekeeper.io) you will be responsible for ensuring that the software product we offer to our customers meets our quality standards. The Beekeeper product offering is being used across the globe (in over than 100 countries) by over 200 companies which all rely on the software offering to be available and functionally correct at all times.

Our teams follow modern development practices, such as continuous deployment, micro-services, test driven development, DevOps methodologies, automated deployment pipelines, etc. You will be responsible for further driving the efforts of automated and non-automated testing within Beekeeper. You will have the opportunity to work on automated system test infrastructure, performance regression test infrastructure as well as collaborate with the other software engineers to deliver state of the art software.

Your Responsibilities

* Implement and enhance the automated test infrastructure
* Implement and enhance the automated performance test infrastructure
* Improve existing Quality Assurance processes
* Maintain and enhance a list of automated and non-automated tests
* Monitor and alert on performance characteristics of the platform
* Provide QA sign-off on the releases for the mobile clients & weekly deployments

What we look for in you

* Experience with writing and maintaining fully automated tests
* 5+ years experience with automation systems such as Jenkins
* 5+ years experience in performance regression testing
* Strong programming/ coding skills
* Experience with UI automation frameworks
* Experience with Test Management Software

Bonus Points

* Working experience in a technology or SaaS company
* Previous experience with Jenkins for build / test infrastructure
* Previous experience with Gattling for load performance testing

Technologies & Frameworks we use at Beekeeper

Java, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Docker, Celery, SQLAlchemy, Backbone, Realm, Kubernetes, Vue, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, ReactiveX