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Hands-on STEM learning for classrooms and homes


1 round
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Tytus Michalski

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Managing Partner @Fresco Capital, involved in all aspects of investment and operations.

Jeff Griffor

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Utah's Mentorship-driven seed accelerator. Charter member of Global Accelerator Network

Dylan Taylor

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Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings

Space Angels

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Space Angels is the leading source of capital for early-stage space ventures.

Ron Hammond

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Background in Finance. Have been CFO, Board Member, Advisor, Investor, and co-founder with companies from initial startup through IPO and M&A exits.

Allison Baum

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investor in future of work @Trinity Ventures previously co-founder @Fresco Capital, product & int'l expansion @General Assembly, equity derivs @Goldman Sachs

Stephen Forte

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Managing Partner @Fresco Capital, venture fund. Founder of a few startups w/ lucky exits. Founded HK's first Accelerator. I move fast and break things.
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