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A Portfolio of Global Ventures



Accenture, Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico, BBVA, Projective Space, Beast Enterprises. IE Business School MBA 2013.



Bhaargav Kosuri

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Jack of all trades, master of a few

Nazish Tazeem

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Venture Strategist at Beast

Eric Y. Hu

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Health Background (Research at a genetics laboratory using biotechnology and volunteering at Hospital), Politics, Business and Finance

Chaoya Li

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Product (UX/UI) Designer

Konstantinos Psychogios

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Brand Strategist with a background in market research and consumer insights
Design Strategist MS. Strategic Design and Management BS Economics Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup

Meder Mamutov

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Fullstack Finance, Strategy and Operations

Nestor J Molina

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CEO @NJM Design . Graphic Designer & Consultant @Beast

Harrison Yang

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NYU senior majoring in economics with a background in marketing and industry research. Two years work experience with Lenovo in Shanghai, China.

atul bhutra

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Former team

Meredith Staudenraus

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Ashay Devanur

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Wael Orabi

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