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Marina Sideri

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Worked at Beamery

J Iqbal

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Former Red Cross delegate (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq etc.), former ThoughtWorks consultant, current DevOps lead at Beamery


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Alex Duell

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Leading recruiting/talent/people @Beamery. Ex Dropbox & BoF

Elinor Thomas

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Worked @ Beamery, Zen Educate, The Marketers' Forum, Backspace & Inferno's Nightclub (yes, really). Studied @ King's College London & Université de Montréal.

Thomas Maynard

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Sales professional and founder of Jellyfish Crowd - Headhunter. First job - successful growth of a start up. Experience within the biggest VC in the UK.

Bailee Walker

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Solution focused implementation practitioner with a passion for HCM tech.

Courtney Fitch

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Worked at Beamery

Kevin Kelly

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Meaghan Li

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Product designer at Beamery, a B2B, enterprise recruitment CRM.

Matt Fine

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Worked at Beamery

Natasha Brennan

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Ross Arieta

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Theresa Sandoval

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Implementation Manager-Solutions Consultant experienced working in a hypergrowth startup establishing processes and building new teams.

Joe Odukoya

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Extensive Product Management experience (B2B and B2C roles). Deep software experience (platforms and apps) delivering success in UK, France, Japan & China.
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Former team

Jason Felix

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Andrew Glazier

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Alex Duell

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Brittany Lockwood

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Alex Jones

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Erleene Yrvonna Lyder

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