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Beam is a 21st century global payments acceptance platform

Beam is a 21st century global payments acceptance platform

We carry the power of the internet in our pockets and use it daily when hailing a taxi or listening to music over the cloud. Now with the emergence of blockchain, we can solve problems that were once deemed impossible. Namely, the problem of trust. One industry that struggles with this need for trust, is the retail value chain; currently unable to take advantage of the data goldmine it’s sitting on. Each party is holding onto its valuable piece of the puzzle, rendering it impossible to create a clear overall picture of behaviour that drives supply and demand. The Beam Platform utilises the power of internet, mobile phones and blockchain to connect all stakeholders of the retail value chain. By making use of a permissioned protocol that protects customers’ privacy, the platform generates behavioural insights which were not possible before. It’s further strengthened through a distributed network of participants who are incentivised to solve problems for the retail value chain.

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