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Despite its significant potential for improving patient outcomes, brain monitoring is still not easily accessible or interpretable in clinical settings. We're going to fix that, and we'd like you to help. We're a semi-stealth-mode startup founded by numerical programmers, neuroscientists, and practicing neurologists who are committed to translating our best-of-breed clinical research from the lab into the ICU and ED. We're well-funded, well-connected, and own a well-labeled set of brain data amassed over the past decade at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. This dataset is, as far as we know, the largest of its kind in existence. We intend to put it to good use. Our team is composed of neuro-experts, open-source enthusiasts, audio/DSP engineers, programming language nerds, and generally easy-going (but dedicated!) folks. We're adamant that... - ...product development goes off the rails without rapid, early feedback from real users. - ...honest, frequent, and open communication are more significant contributors to software development than technical wizardy. - ...diversity is an integral part of strong engineering culture. Differing viewpoints are borne from differing backgrounds, and lack of diversity contributes to stagnation.
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Design Intern / Co-Op

Posted 10 months ago

We are looking for a design intern to make a meaningful impact at Beacon by translating results and concepts from our ground-breaking software and analytics platform into meaningful, creative, and visually-stunning print- and web-based multimedia.

You will work with directly with the CEO and CT...