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Luke Daigle

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Software Engineer with full-stack development experience. Also familiar with CI/CD pipeline architecture and standard DevOps procedures

Jorge Montero

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Passionate software developer and engineer desiring change the world

Silvia Gil

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Worked at BBVA
Founded Zwapp, Inc. with experience innovating at BBVA and startups such as Tappsi.

James Willis

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Worked at BBVA

Antonio Mayor

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Senior data scientist consultant with +4 years of experience in EY and BBVA looking for a shift into the startup world.

Earl Smock

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Preferred name is Finn Smock. Management, Sales, Customer Support & Livestreaming experience. 4 years sales & leadership experience at Lowe's. Twitch Affiliate.
Worked at Fon, now in BBVA bank. More info in

Eloy Rodriguez Sanchez

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Worked at BBVA

Alejandro Diaz Santos

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Currently, developing and deploying Machine Learning algorithms in BBVA.

Ítalo Garleni Rodríguez

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Working at BBVA. Experience with Spark, Ptyhon, R, AWS My linkedin has more info

Paula Stover

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Worked at BBVA, Regions Bank. Experience with Audit, Compliance, Consulting. Went to University of Alabama Birmingham

Emily Terry

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siva krishna

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Oklahoma Christian University CE, Android developer,java and SQL also basic knowledge of java script and html

Diego Ortiz

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Went to Universidad De Los Andes, Bogota Colombia
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Board members and advisors

Team Lead with strengths in communication, relationship building, problem solving and Python, JavaScript. Pursuing a Data Science certificate.
Investment Manager / Investment Banker with 10+ years of private equity and investment banking experience. US based and authorized to work in the US.

Asher Schur

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Managing Director Exm Capital
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Former team

Inigo Pérez

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javier escribano

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Jaime Zhiyue Xu Cheng

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Luis Felipe Parro Mejía

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Esther Hernández

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Angel Prada

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