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P2P Micro Payment and P2P AppStore to the next billion

P2P Micro Payment and P2P AppStore to the next billion

Bazaar Entertainment provides "P2P Micro Payment System" and "P2P AppStore" to the next billion market.
Bazaar platform lets peoples in emerging countries engage "App EcoSystem" WITHOUT modern payment system and high speed internet.

**P2P Voucher**
Bazaar provides "P2P" voucher distributing between users developed with BlockChain technology.
Because of developing with latest technology and distributing on own networks, Our transaction cost of voucher is 1/100 cheaper than current alternative payment solutions.

**P2P AppStore**
Bazaar provides "P2P" AppStore that distributing apps between users with reward system likes MLM.
Using our P2P technology, User can download apps free of charge and 30 times faster than 3G connection in emerging countries.

Providing profitable "Head" and "Tail" of value chain in "AppEcoSystem", Bazaar Entertainment secures customer in emerging market.

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Duke Chang

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ex SCE Asia Manager (in charge of license out Japanese licensee`s IP. Over 50 game makers) ex EA Japan Marketing General Manager, Senior Account Manger

Izawa Shin

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Evangelist at DENNOO,Former CTO at Nobot Inc.(Smartphone AdNetwork in JP,Acquired by Media:KDDI) Worked at Oracle,Rakuten.
CEO of Bazaar Entertainment. Establish member of PlayStation in Asia


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