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Specialized in gaming and esports data, offering tools and services to business customers



William Koehler

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Brazilian software developer based in Berlin. Working with android since 2013.
Work at DOJO Madness. 6 years working with iOS. Passionate about Swift.

Dana Völker

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Works at DOJO Madness

Ovidiu Buda

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Füll Stack developer AngularJs, HTML/CSS, AngularJs, Aurelia.io, Ionic, ES5 & ES6 Testing: Jasmine, Protractor Tools: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, NPM, Bower

Johannes Tornow

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Studying physics at FU Berlin, Software Developer

Markus Wulff

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Berlin, Communication Design, Mobile, Design Thinking, eSport, User Experience, Product Design, Nerd, Lead, Creative Direction

Chris Schetter

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GM of Counter-Strike Tools at @Bayes Holding (former Dojo Madness) .

Alexander Biriukov

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Deep expertise in Ruby application architecturing, development, debugging and optimisation, service-oriented architectures and asynchronous programming.

Notger Heinz

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Martin Dachselt

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Darina Goldin

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Control science PhD, data scientist, mathematical modelling expert

Board members and advisors

Paul Heydon

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Angel Investor • Worked at @ING Barings, @Commerzbank • Investor @AppOnboard, @Supercell @Unity Technologies

Gregory Milken

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Former team

Benjamin Erxleben

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Jonathan Prieto

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Jonathan Duarte

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Alexander Cramer

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Iarly Selbir

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Timea Konya

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