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Senior Software Engineer

$80k – $110k • 0.1% – 0.3%
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You Are

- A passionate, entrepreneurial-spirited technologist that owns delivery from concept through to completion
- A relentless advocate for engineering excellence, dedicated to coaching and mentoring others
- A product thinker, who balances user pains and business needs while being pragmatic in making data driven decisions
- An expert at communicating, knowing exactly how to collaborate with sales, marketing, UX, product managers and other engineers
- Constantly curious, always looking to learn and increase your knowledge
- Against micromanagement, endless meetings and imposed unrealistic timelines

You Will

- Engineer scalable and maintainable software to meet the application and infrastructure needs of the Battlefy platform
- Wear many hats working across Engineering, DevOps and Quality Assurance
- Continually set personal and professional goals and do everything in your power to surpass them
- Grow the Battlefy culture, from posting to #dev about good engineering patterns to playing video games and competing in eSports tournaments. You embody our values of one team, drive and sportsmanship

Your Experience

- You are successful, having shipped SaaS products that you are incredibly proud of
- You have worked in a fast growth environment where your pace and hustle was key to getting the right things done
- You are a veteran of scaling software, infrastructure & processes to support high concurrency and exceptional performance
- You know what technical debt is pragmatic and when to make trade-offs between architectural purity and reality
- You have at least 5 years engineering experience in software product companies. For at least 2 of these years you were in a role similar to this one
- Bonus Points if you attempted (even if it failed) your own venture

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Jason Xu

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Founder @Battlefy
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