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Infrastructure Engineer

¥4000k – ¥8000k • No equity
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Hello potential team member!
Basset is looking for an Infrastructure Engineer with a solid background in Docker, isn't afraid of node/yarn, and has a demonstrated ability to design an enterprise level solution architecture. An efficient and fast deployment process is very important for this stage of our company’s product development, and we hope to add someone with a hunger for responsibility and fast-paced environment to help make it happen.

We launched the first working version of our product at the beginning of September, and would like to set up and improve CI/CD for the components of our platform, and put additional microservice components in place to establish our DevOps and help us to scale and grow.

* You will have complete ownership of design and deployment of our production system
* You must be able to address complex system design requirements and work closely with fellow team members to quickly deploy a changing system
* Implementation of complex systems in a fast-paced environment to deliver a stable environment to customers

* Linux and containerization (Docker) knowledge
* Understanding of cloud environments, network design, orchestration (Kubernetes)
* Scripting fluency (e.g. Bash, Python) with a level of knowledge for tools (e.g. Git) necessary for maintaining development environments.

Nice to have:
* Any CI/CD solution experience (e.g. CircleCI, Azure DevOps)
* Database operation skills
* Server-side JavaScript libraries (e.g. Node.js)
* Protocol knowledge (HTTP caching)

Please note that we are currently only accepting applications from individuals in the Tokyo area with Japanese nationality, or a legal visa or permit to work in Japan. (Visa sponsorship may be considered for the right applicants.)


- プロダクトの設計とデプロイの主導
- 複雑なシステム設計要件への対応、チームとの緊密な連携による、システムの迅速なデプロイ
- 顧客に安定した環境を提供するための、変化の速い環境での複雑なシステムの実装

- Linuxおよびコンテナ化(Docker)の知識
- クラウド環境、ネットワークデザイン、オーケストレーション(Kubernetes)の理解
- BashやPythonなどのスクリプトを問題なく使えること、および開発環境の維持に必要な、Gitなどのツールの知識

- CI/CDソリューションの利用経験 (例:CircleCI, Azure DevOps)
- データベースの運用スキル
- サーバサイドJavaScriptライブラリの経験 (例:Node.js)
- プロトコルの知識 (HTTPキャッシング)

※現在は東京周辺にお住まいの候補者のみ受け付けております。日本国籍をお持ちの方か、日本での労働が可能なビザ・就労許可をお持ちの方が対象です(応募者の能力によってはVisa sponsorshipの検討が可能な場合あり。)