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Institutional-grade security for cryptocurrencies

Institutional-grade security for cryptocurrencies

You hold the keys to your digital vault. You decide who can access it. We empower you to keep it secure. Our solution uses air-gapped devices (so it’s not open to network borne attacks), and transfers require multiple cryptographic signatures—meaning there’s no single point of compromise. You define and control custody of keys, thus removing exposure to any person or entity not expressly authorized by you. This protection is enforced all the way from you to the blockchain, with no intermediaries. Base Zero isn’t complicated to set up, and we’re here to help. While we’re tough on security, we’re easy on users.

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20+ years in software, 10+ years in management. Led the teams responsible for Ubuntu and Heroku. Specializing in security and open source
Founder at @Base Zero • Distinguished Engineer @Digital Asset • Founder at @CryptoCorp • Co-founder at @TradeHill • Sold @FillZ • Previously @Google