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DNA-sequencing data Visualization, Analytics and Reporting

DNA-sequencing data Visualization, Analytics and Reporting

Sequencing DNA is becoming cheaper and faster, and is fundamentally changing medicine. Now the ability to analyze and interpret the data has become the biggest bottleneck. Currently pharma companies and hospitals build expensive computing clusters, which leads to increased cost and time.

We have developed a SaaS to overcome DNA sequencing data analysis bottlenecks. Basepair has an intuitive and easy to use web interface to allow scientists to upload her data, choose an appropriate workflow and run the analysis, all with just a few clicks. Our cloud backend manages the storage and computing resources automatically. We have an API to automate all tasks for large enterprises.

We are funded by venture capital and NIH, and we are growing rapidly. Our customers include pharma, biotech, molecular diagnostic, service providers and RnD groups. Our team is analytical, fast-paced and informal.​
CEO and Founder @Basepair, Scientist-Entrepreneur, Faculty at @Harvard Medical School, Studied at @Indian Institute of Technology - Guwahati

Senior Bioinformatics Analyst

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