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Sean Loughlin

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Scott Bauer

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Performance Marketing Manager at Barstool Sports

Matthew Macione

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Currently enabling customer success with @barstoolsports Former @BuzzFeed @Canary @MIT | I like talking to people and building or solving complex problems

Joseph Bona

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Senior Software Engineer at Barstool Sports. Lover of all things web design & development, especially: React, CSS and Nodejs

Andrew Barba

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Head of Engineering @Barstool Sports Loves Swift, Node.js, MongoDB and Snowboarding. Previously worked @Tablelist @WhatsApp and @Happier

Bret Kovacs

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Josh Frost

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Head of Product at Barstool Sports. Formerly MLBAM

Tim Alander

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Engineer @ ConsenSys. React/Redux/JS. Built applications from the front-end to the back. Passionate about collaboration and clean code.
Helping enterprises kick ass @NorthOut and Founder @gamerduel. Previosuly CTO @Barstool Sports, payments & clients @ CashStar.

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James Bertorelli, CPA

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