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Alyssa Marie Manuel

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Worked at Pontoon Solutions for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Experience with Audit, Compensation and Benefits, Data Entry. Went to Far Eastern University

Tony Cheng

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Ronald Ballard

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Individual Investor at Bank of America Merrill Lynch


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Zen Endo

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I am a product manager with 6+ years of professional experience seeking to transition back into a marketing role.
passionate about consilience, data, aesthetics, ethics, & the scientific method.

Stephen Steyer

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Worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley. Went to Mount Saint Mary College

Kiryl Chetyrbak

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Worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs

Mary Beth Blevins

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Worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Sol Aire

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Worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Cillian Griggs

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Worked at Bank of America for 9 years covering structured rates and structured credit products.

Deborah Ratchford

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Worked at Higtdf

Brett Signaigo

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Worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Andrew Batallas

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Working at Wayfair, previously worked at Capital One, Experience with Python, SQL, Tableau, statistics, C++, & Java. Went to Vanderbilt University.

Megan Dune Jansen

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USC Business student and artist. Previous experience in several Analyst roles.
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Board members and advisors

Rachel has advised some of the world’s most successful companies offering a unique range of expertise in high tech, finance, retail and international marketing.

Letitia Seglah

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Chief Operating officer with experience in Research, Sales and Risk Management at investment banks. Experienced providing strategy consulting to startups.

Former team

Jeremiah Kim

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Arash Asady

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May Yan Pang

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Zlatko Prpa

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John Kim

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Palash Gupta

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