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Fan identity and attendee analytics company to help event organizers know who's there

Software Engineer

$50k – $60k • 0.25% – 0.5%
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Junior Software Developer

Responsibilities will include full-stack development and maintenance of production web services and browser-based web applications in a fast-paced startup atmosphere. Flexibility and eagerness to learn new technologies a must. The position further requires a one-quarter share of 24-hour on-call time to handle off-hour service disruptions. The position will be based in our Greenville, SC office.


Bachelor’s degree in CS or a related field or 3-years of industry experience or code school completion with active portfolio
Experience with Javascript and frontend development (preferred)
Startup mentality: self-starter, proactive, flexible


Competitive salary
Stock options

What is Bandwagon?

We are a fan identity and attendee analytics company Bandwagon was created in 2014 with a singular goal – to create an atmosphere that helped fans connect with each other and their favorite teams. We believe that experiences and memories shared amongst friends and families are truly to be cherished and we want to make them even better. We are building Bandwagon to help fans everywhere – from concerts to sports – create meaningful moments, absent of ticket fraud, spammy marketing, and boring events.

Why do we exist?

Like most successful startups, the key to success early on is the ability to stay alive. Some call it luck. Some call it determination. Some call it grit. We believe that it’s a little bit of each of those things and A LOT of support from our friends, families, advisors, investors, and early team members. We exist because a lot of people worked to make sure that we do.

Who are we looking for?

Someone like you! Diversity in experience and thought are major components of what we believe keeps a team fresh, inclusive, innovative, and dynamic. We are looking for team members that have passion, tenacity, and are inquisitive among other great characteristics. We believe in the power of our people. When it comes to capital and resources, we understand that we will only go as far as our team can take us. For us, making the right investments in our team members means greater, more intuitive solutions for our partners and a business that we are proud to invite new members into.

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Hampton Smith

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Director of Data Architecture and Design at BANDWAGON, former Googler, Ph.D. from Clemson, passionate about how tech can get stuff done