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We are looking for a pure platinum grade Project Manager, who has been waiting for a chance to take the spotlight and create something big. We want to give you that platform. We want you to own it, and bask in the eternal glory of your peers.

This is kind of a big ask. We have clients, partners, and investors in the US, but you might be employee #1. This isn’t for everyone. It’ll be hard. We’ll have to deal with timezone issues. Travel will be involved. But if you’re our guy/gal, it’s totally gonna be worth it and you know it.

What we’re offering:

- Chance to do your own thing.
- Create something from nothing. 0 to 1.
- Market salary and stock options as part of a rapidly growing global company.
- Long-term opportunity with a tight knit team. Mercenaries need not apply.

What you need to do:

- You need to take ownership of all our U.S. delivery.
- Work in tight collab with local sales and HQ delivery teams.
- You spec it. You run it. You tell us what and who you need to get there.
- Be a team player always. No one is bigger than the team. Ego not wanted.
- Build a close relationship with the HQ team in Singapore.
- Help grow the business. Hire people. Make the journey epic.
- Have an amazing time doing the above!

What we are asking for:

- You’re U.S. based and willing to travel regularly with client projects.
- You’ve been there before: startups and technical projects are home turf for you.
- Experience in Agile projects and cloud technologies would be super helpful.
- We need you to be scrappy. If it’s broken, don’t sit around and wait for someone to fix it for you. Find a way, get it done.
- We love people who have ideas and aren’t afraid to say them out loud.
- Interest in finance or investing is a plus but no experience is required.

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