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An intelligent marketplace for non-standard fin assets means specialized data and risk tools

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Small, medium and distressed enterprises need better funding and support. Their liabilities -assets in the hands of investors- are illiquid, fragmented and little known. BAM’s technology fixes this. We are bringing and optimizing workflows -used by world’s best professional traders and investors- to solve these problems at a large scale.

The firm was founded by experienced market professionals, and researchers. They created a marketplace where professional investors can Bid, Ask and Match for unique assets. Our solution will impact 50% of the world’s GDP (and 2/3 of its workers!).
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Software Engineer

Front End Engineer

We are looking for a highly skilled Front-End Web Developer who will be in charge of user-facing part of our platform. Responsibilities will include both designing UI/UX as well as producing visual elements of the application.

Software Engineer

Full Stack Web Developer

We are looking for a Full Stack Web Developer who would play a central role in the development of the web application part of our dark-pool marketplace platform. You would be taking a crucial role both on the back and on the front side, defining how the application looks as well as how it works.