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Interactive Adventure Travel Treasure Hunts everywhere

Interactive Adventure Travel Treasure Hunts everywhere

BADAS-Bond Adventure Discovery Austria Society offers half-day to 3 week-long immersiveAdventure Travel Treasure Hunts starting with a series of three half-day adventure travel treasure hunts in and around Vienna, Austria. Each treasure hunt is integrated into the BADAS game. Venturers (participants) aged 12+ experience emotionally, mentally and physically deeply engaging, challenging and rewarding adventures on which they discover the most beautiful destinations around the globe and are connected to the magic in everything: in themselves, in each other and the world around them. Participants score points that they can use on other treasure hunts for clues and other advantages, like discounts on further purchases. Venturers become part of the BADAS society with access to the closed member area after successfully completing their first trip: BADAS will offer adventures for private and corporate clients worldwide.

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