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Scott Harrison

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CEO of Place, mountain lover from the bayou, architect, strategist, designer and builder of things, fat-tire fan

Nick Jarvis

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Kinda hot in these rhinos - Ace Ventura

James Mudgett

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I love building mobile apps, designing interfaces, and seeing great products come to life. Past positions at: Path, Backplane, JMM SEASONS CORP.
Engineer and do other stuff good too

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Founder & CEO @Vertical Mass; Founded & sold @BlueHaze; Head of Digital at @XIX Entertainment; Head of Marketing @MTV Networks, @BitTorrent; Advisor @Amplify.LA Capital
Founder of Made Renovation (we're hiring!), Gigster, and Mafia Wars. Investor in 60+ great startups. Engineer at heart.

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Zoe Bridges

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Victor Tony George

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Shahed Khan

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