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A Social Travel Start-up!

A Social Travel Start-up!

Backpackers Bay is a social travel start-up promoting backpacking and solo travelling. We believe backpacking is not limited to any income group, personality or gender; it is neither cheap nor expensive, it simply is an experience driven form of travelling. We organize a variety of tours, like Adventure trip, Road-trip, Leisure and Beach hopping, Weekend get-away, Treks in forest reserves & mountains and more. We also provide assistance to solo and group travelers with our wide range of set itineraries, custom travel plans, ticket and hotel booking, suggestions & reviews on accommodations, activities, eateries, etc. The Backpackers Bay Social Travel App connects PEOPLE <> PLACES, justifying the ‘social’ in the social travel start-up. It is an interactive approach where a traveler dissolves in the local flavor of the places. Apart from connectivity the app adds flexibility, assiduity and security parameters for travelers to explore and experience better.

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