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Backbench helps teams release software quickly

Marketing & Business Development Internship at Backbench

₹50,000 – ₹1L • No equity
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About Backbench

Backbench helps teams to release software quickly, we are a cloud based development and collaboration platform for internet-scale applications. It helps companies achieve fast prototyping and faster time to market/product releases. Backbench is a fully programmable serverless platform, Eliminating the need to deploy and manage servers lets companies shorten the development cycles and minimizing the risk of bugs and increasing innovation.

Backbench is a development platform, to build, scale, manage, and run independent micro-services with continuous integration and deployment. Our goal is to provide all the flexibility and control letting you bring your own services (BYOS). Nevertheless, Backbench is a playground for experimenting with existing "things" on the internet.

About the internship

We are looking for a Street Smart, Dedicated, and Focused personality with amazing time management skills to support our communications efforts and working on marketing initiatives, so being a great writer / blogger is a plus. It's not a technical role, but the more technical you are, the more involved you can be.

If you have other skill sets like design, that's a perk too. But more than anything else we're expecting that you'll be a quick learner, humble enough to ask the right questions, and persistent in executing and getting things done. Good understanding of digital media and how content is distributed is a big plus.

Responsibilities would involve but not limited to:

Planning and executing a product launch.
Designing the inbound and outbound marketing/sales campaigns.
Creating presentations for strategic partnerships.
Handling and Content creation for Emails, Social Media Posts, Blogs, Articles, etc.
Help in identification of influence's and figuring out the best medium to reach them.
Help in monitoring the effectiveness of program and recommend strategies to improve it.

Get in touch, we look forward to working with you!

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