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Backbench helps teams release software quickly

Backbench helps teams release software quickly

Backbench helps teams to release software quickly, we are a cloud based development and collaboration platform for internet-scale applications. It helps companies achieve fast prototyping and faster time to market/product releases. For example, a developer or company can make a basic app/function using our platform in a few days which otherwise would have taken 2-3 months to develop. Backbench is a fully programmable serverless platform, Eliminating the need to deploy and manage servers lets companies shorten the development cycles and minimising the risk of bugs and increasing innovation.

Backbench is a development platform, to build, scale, manage, and run independent micro-services with continuous integration and deployment. Our goal is to provide all the flexibility and control letting you bring your own services (BYOS). Nevertheless, Backbench is a playground for experimenting with existing "things" on the internet.

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