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B-roll specialized stock footage agency

B-roll specialized stock footage agency

We offer curated B-roll packages as opposed to the classic money and time-consuming "clip-by-clip" model. One B-roll package contains 4 to 7 clips that cover one subject or topic from different angles and types of shots. The B-roll package concept has arrived to help video producers and editors in various ways: - One B-roll package could cost just as much as one single clip in any of the major stock video footage websites. - Since each b-roll package is designed to serve one purpose, the editor doesn't need to spend too much time scavenging for scattered clips; they can cover their b-roll footage needs with one download. - The clips from one b-roll package are created by the same artist, using the same techniques, reducing to a minimum the time spent in post-production "tweaking" the clips to make them match.

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