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Ethereum Layer 2 with Privacy at its Core

Ethereum Layer 2 with Privacy at its Core

With DeFi networks exploding and fast-maturing, we’re building the Layer 2 network for next-gen payments on this base of new-world capital, building cryptosystems to serve millions of unbanked people around the world. We’re the force behind PLONK— the dominant standard in zkSNARK cryptography invented by our Chief Scientist and CTO in August 2019. Our proving system sits at the heart of Halo 2, the upcoming Zcash upgrade, as and other scaling / privacy networks. Now, our world-class team is hiring for two senior engineers to scale our protocol, so we can take the fight to traditional payments networks. We’re a team of 8, based in London but happy to hire globally — in fact one member of the team is based in Poland, and another lives in India. We’ve built scalable privacy in 2020 — our 2021 milestones are: + Improving native DeFi support in Aztec + Implementing biometric verification proofs + Increasing our throughput to match the traditional card networks

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Co-Founder @Radish (acquired by Tovala) . Co-Founder at @Chefler • Studied at @Imperial College London
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