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Making access to food more affordable for everyone in cities across Africa


We believe that lowering barriers and creating access starts from within our own walls. We work on broadening the diversity of the backgrounds that Ayazona is composed of and strive to create a safe, welcoming home for everyone to do great work.

Perks and benefits

Healthcare benefits

We pay 100% of employee medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums.

Parental leave

16 weeks paternity / maternity leave

Equity benefits

Every employee is paid a competitive salary and given a generous stock option plan.

A principled approach to food

Our food program work with local ingredients and grows a global team through sustainable food practices and minimal waste.

Wellness benefits

We provide workshops and massages to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing.

Growth by the way of learning

Ayazona provides an environment that allows you to grow professionally with efficient training


We'll provide whatever you need to work efficiently and creatively.


Ayazona is an impact-first work environment with a strong company vision.