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Fallon Chase

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People & Talent Operations

Helmut Hager

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Head of Talent Acquisition at Axiom Zen

Rachel Barclay

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Agile project manager.

Evan Keast

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Aaron Upright

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Co-founder @ZenHubHQ. Allergic to average.
Worked at Axiom Zen, Dapper Labs, ZenHub. Experience with Technical Recruiting.

Laura Starke

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Christopher Doege

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A results driven Technical Recruiter with experience recruiting for companies large and small. Ex agency recruiter with startup experience.
Talent Acquisition @Tally

Kim Cope

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Wordspreader at Axiom Zen.

Rachel Barclay

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Formerly at Electronic Arts, now having a blast working with People/Projects/Product at Axiom Zen.

Guile Twardowski

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Board members and advisors

Product Lead @ZenHub previously @axiom-zen @Barclays Capital
Co-founder, Chartable ; previously @AngelList @HOT or NOT @Microsoft @Lookmark
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Former team

Megan Rose

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Bryce Bladon

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Howard Tam

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Nick Salloum

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Cassidy Robertson

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Maximiliano Castro

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