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Axiom Zen is an award-winning venture studio. Our team leverages deep expertise in user-centric design, iterative development, and data science to build and reinvent organizations for a digital future. Axiom Zen was named first among Canada’s Most Innovative Companies by Canadian Business.

Our team of 70 creatives includes over a dozen published authors, several patent-holders, a half-dozen former founders, and diversity from over 20 different national origins, and decades of collective experience beating the odds at companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tesla among many others.

Axiom Zen is the creator of ZenHub, the leading collaboration solution for software teams, and the team behind Timeline, named #1 Best New App in 88 countries by Apple. Axiom Zen is also the parent company of Hammer & Tusk, a leader in the world of immersive experiences (AR/VR). Axiom Zen's work has been featured in TIME, The New York Times, Fast Company, and Wired, to name a few.
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Software Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

Posted 11 months ago

What does success look like for you? For folks here, it means thriving in a high-autonomy environment and tackling complex problems in a technical space that is constantly changing and evolving. Engineers on our teams are focused on writing great code, but more-so collaborating with Product,...

Software Engineer

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Posted 7 months ago

We’re expanding the team of innovative Blockchain Engineers working on Flow, the high-performance, app-focused smart contract platform. You will work directly with the folks defining the state of the art for decentralized platforms. You understand the value of clear and performant code and want...