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James Tsai

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Matt Huber

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Susan Smallwood

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Jason Morgan

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Went to Ohio State University

Missy Perdue

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Sarah Kenny

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My days are filled by geeking out about digital marketing, practicing yoga during free time, and sipping a cup of tea in between.

Seán Patrick John Paul George Ringo Doran

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Dev and Design at Aware.

Nick Holmer

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product designer operating out of Columbus, OH.

KyJah Keys

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Northwestern CS, Full Stack including Infrastructure

Steve Ruland

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Detail oriented, multidimensional software engineering leader with 20+ years of development, architecture and leadership experience using MS technologies.

Matt Pasternack

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Betsy Sewell

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Greg Moran

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Former team

Ivan Porollo

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Samir Mohan

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Zagrous Kawarizadeh

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Joshua Levine

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