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Creating an infrastructure in consumer genomics

Creating an infrastructure in consumer genomics

AWAKENS is creating the infrastructure of consumer genomics. We have built Genomelink, a platform where users can store their DNA data to access more information and DNA-powered products. In addition, its API service supports companies and developers to build DNA-powered products and services as easy as companies leverage PayPal. Genomelink is a Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator graduate and is supported by advisory including but not limited to Berkeley and Stanford faculties in nutrition and genomics. Our founders have over 10+ years of experiences combined in genomics, startups, consumer business, and bioinformatics.

Yuta Matsuda

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Kensuke Numakura

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Co-Founder and CTO of AWAKENS, Inc.

Tomohiro Takano

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Co-Founder and CEO of AWAKENS, Inc. We create an infrastructure in Consumer Genomics.