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Meagan David

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Giver. Leader. Grower of Talent. Formerly @Apple , I lead the Customer Success Team @Awair
A smart, flexible, customer service expert with over 5 years in the field. Master communicator with a penchant for clear writing and experience in training.

Jay Kim

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JongHo Kim

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Now I have been working @Awair I worked @Between, I studied @Seoul National University

Dean L. Young

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Product / Marketing / Operations I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I enjoy working with designers, engineers, marketers, and more.

Dave Jin

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Michael Scurries

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Maher Sinjary

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15 years of solving real problems through design and learning along the way.

Savanah Wernick

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Marketing Manager @Awair , Previously Brand Associate @Logitech . Storyteller, Copy Queen, Content Creator

Yaocheng Yee

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Sotaro Sugimoto

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U-Tokyo BS Physics, GaTech MS CSE; Competitive Programmer; Looking for HPC or ML / Data Science opportunities. Likes blazingly fast things written in C++17.

Kevin Cho

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Minho Yi

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Worked at Awair. Experienced iOS, NodeJS, MongoDB, ROR, HTML, VueJS. Published more than 20 Apps

Jay Kim

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Software Engineer at Bitfinder
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Former team

Sam Friedman

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Austen Grossman

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Sarah J Brown

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Kevin Leung

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Shivina Kumar

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Erin Choi

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