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Our mission is to be the system of record for buildings, from construction through demolition


It’s hard to talk about who we are without talking at least a little about what we stand for. We believe your job should enrich your life, not take it over. We believe that your life outside of work matters. Our Core Values are:

-Common Decency
-Passion for our Work
-Personal Life Matters
-Outcome over effort

We are a small but growing team with diverse backgrounds that encourage collaboration, teamwork and cheer each other on.

Perks and benefits

Competitive healthcare

Avvir Offers a competitive healthcare package through Aetna and pays 70% of the monthly premiums for employees.


Avvir offers every employee a stake in the company through equity shares and options. We are all owners.

Flexible work arrangements

Avvir is a remote friendly work place. We use great tools to help us collaborate across geographies and time zones.

Unlimited vacation

In support of our values of Outcome over Effort and Personal lives Matter - Avvir offers and an unlimited vacation policy.