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We build critical components for enterprise efficiency using AI



Nikolai Pereira

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I lead engineering on some of the hardest problems known to the AI world.

Chadd Olesen

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Founder @AVRL


Tony Sebastian

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A business analyst with keen eye and good taste for product, user interface and user experience design.

Sumanth Kumar M

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Android native / Flutter application developer

Parth Verma

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Professional Services/Integration Engineer at AVRL, Developer Google Summer of Code

Ashwin D'Sousa

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Sumit Sharma

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Business Developments & Strategy Professional interested in exploring Deep Learning Opportunities

shobhit sharma

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Engineering Manager - I @AVRL

Varun Kanth

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Front-End Associate-I at AVRL

Neel Nishant

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Worked at Abcom, Samples. Experience with iOS Development, REST API, Core Data, GitHub. Went to Jabalpur Engineering College

Parul Tiwari

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A programmer who admires innovation and creativity and intends to work for the same

Former team

John Casidsid

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