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1st Marketplace offering best "Business Fit" Living, Working and Meeting Spaces

DEVELOPER (Java, Angular.js) / CO-FOUNDER at an Ambitious Real Estate / Travel / Mobility Startup

Up to €30k • 25.0% – 30.0%
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Dear Engineer, It is a pleasure to introduce you to this very special opportunity at our ambitious and demanding enterprise.

Co-Founder / Developer at "AVO" | "AvoTravel" part of "AVO GROUP" Start-up Company based in Berlin.

FIRST OF ALL: it's not a usual/typical job/part time help/experiement that most people try doing/"startupping" and fail doing.

IT IS A BIG THING & A SERIOUS OPPORTUNITY / WORK - it's an investment and a serious commitment of your time/talent/resources into something that has the potential to become the biggest thing in your life. Working with a team that would become your family.

Key points:

AVO - The 1st Marketplace for best Business Space and Business Accommodation Rentals aims to disrupt multi-trillion(!) travel (mobility), real estate and hospitality industries.
Are you tired of working for a boss and for salary or hearing of how successful are thousands of startups and raising millions/billions?
Take your chance - let's embody our dreams into reality together.

We are Tech for Real Estate and Travel - the 2 of the biggest industries worldwide that still have so much space/potential for better/faster/smarter solutions and brilliant minds! Are you excited about it? Our product-service touches something that truely matters (to mention the least: people all over the world spend more than 75% of their lives in buildings).

- 2 co-founders working in Prenzlauer Berg-Mitte
Ian and Stefan ( linkedin.com/in/stefan-muéll-bb08b8133 )
- acquired about 1000 rental properties (apartments, offices, event spaces) listed on website
- have an MVP avotravel.com that was built by previous part-time developers
- we have done numerous tests, served clients / corporate clients
- served over 40 client inquiries, generated over 2300 EUR (18.500 EUR turnover) from proof of concept manual sales of rental bookings of property
- hired 6 interns and tested the market
- went through an incubator (Berlin) and an accelerator (Paris) programmes.
- are looking to build with a tech co-founder new features and engage customers who chose them from surveys to use them.
- we are considering incorporation asap.
- we will be setting many sales and traction campaigns with you involving a lot of growth hacking.
- We'd like to create a Mobile-Friendly Version of the site to A-B test new features with our clients.


1. As it's a co-founder type of position, therefore you need to be able to bootstrap with us till we raise a round of investment that we expect in the next months as we are actively applying (are qualified) for selected accelerator programs / grants across Europe.
The salary will be paid from our own income generated from Sales,
Grants / Investment we get from the programs/funds.

2. Ideally you are an experienced developer with JAVA / Angular.JS knowledge (other languages experience is welcome) (if not full stack: or one that could learn fast) to help AVO to take over and lead the project as a tech co-founder, to maintain and expand our current website and new features, find the most viable solutions for the needs of the company, actively growth-hack to leverage our reach and conversions, expand viral user engagement, eventually take the platform onto a new level/language when the investment occurs.

3. Ideally you are an EU/EEA citizen, and based in Western Europe so that we can easily involve you on board as a shareholder and you will not have any obstacles in travel or employment throughout the EU/EEA space. If you are not such but can co-work on basis of up to 3 month visits - you will be travelling on weekly/monthly basis to Berlin, expense will be covered by AVO.

4. If you are not based in Berlin/Germany - you/us should be PHYSICALLY co-working together from our home office in Berlin or your city at least 2-3 weeks a month (more often would be a huge plus).
From experience we can say that co-founding while having a FULL time job / Family with Kids is not optimal to give maximum chance for your startup to realize its entire potential and see if it can replace your previous occupations, and significantly change your life as YOUR MAIN BUSINESS.
If you are a self-employed/freelancing professional or PART TIME / Flexible hours employee who can control your schedule by having own projects/sources of income you have the most potential to start your own start-up business. FOCUS is everything!

5. We are actively applying and ready to join a strong accelerator program and graduate it with success (raise more funds) and take our enterprise to the next levels. The program could take place in Germany, UK, FR, CH, NL, ES etc.where the core founders would be physically present (*typical program lasts around 3 months) with full focus on AVO with no distraction on other projects/jobs etc.- the program offers investment/you will be paid. In case of further significant rounds of investment you should be able to come and work on AVO board full time for a salary & equity.

6. You are a motivated and driven individual with entrepreneurial aspirations and readiness to "walk an extra mile", accountability, full reliability, enough free time, independence, drive are a must.

We are open.

Video targeting Partnerships with Real Estate Companies:
Video targeted towards Investors:

Please Contact us: skype (djdamyan29) or ian@avotravel.com

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1st Marketplace offering best "Business Fit" Living, Working and Meeting Spaces

AVO (AVO GROUP) focuses on Real Estate, E-Commerce, Hospitality, and Business Travelers. Their company has offices in London and Berlin. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://avotravel.com or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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