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1st Marketplace offering best "Business Fit" Living, Working and Meeting Spaces


AVO has chosen a dynamic and growing market of smart, eco- and tech-conscious, sophisticated modern travelers.

Our ambition is to become the "EBAY of BUSINESS SPACES" offering all sorts of business spaces the business community needs: best business fit apart-hotels, apartments/houses, office and desk space to meeting and event spaces!

The Travel Business & Venue Management / Rental industries are currently very fragmented. The private accommodation providers (apartments, houses & homes) as well as the Venue Management companies are not offering the best service possible and acutely need modernization.

AvoTravel brings more value into the mobile professionals' work experience and lives by making the service faster, more personalized and more reliable.

Our Mission:
In the today's world of growing Human Mobility We aim to expand the possibilities and increase flexibility, quality, speed and efficiency of business and success oriented people's lives, operations and travel experiences.

Living spaces where you can Work, Working spaces where you can Live - we're all about Exceeding your Expectations.