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AI Meeting Assistant, Collaboration and Intelligence platform for Sales & Success teams


4 investors


Swapnil Shinde

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Angel Investor, Product Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder - Mezi

Manu Kumar

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Founder and Chief Firestarter @K9 Ventures, Founder @Carta, @CardMunch, @HiHello @Stanford University alum, @Carnegie Mellon University alum,

Rutul Davè

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Cofounder & CTO @Maxwell. Mentor with Code/Interactive TCAP. Past: Cofounder @Bright Funds. Worked at @Coverity, @Topspin Communications

Rohini Chakravarthy

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Founder, Inksedge. Enterprise Investor, Partner at NEA, Intel Capital, Angel @Fusion I-0, @Vuclip, @Jana Research @Innovium @Tynker @weddingpartyap