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Platform for the world’s best audio courses

Platform for the world’s best audio courses

Long before we had the written word, we told stories to teach each other. For generations, we passed down information by word of mouth. Across all eras and in all parts of the world, oral storytelling was how we transmitted information. But things changed. Computer screens were invented and we became trapped in modern offices all day. Sitting in front of a computer became the default way to learn. We were never meant for this. Thankfully audio is making a comeback. Enter Avocado. Screen-free - Our courses enable screen-free listening so you can learn anytime, anywhere. Audio courses turn your most mundane tasks, like commuting or folding laundry, into powerful learning moments. Goodbye computer screen. Hello world. Structured - We love podcasts and audiobooks as much as anyone, but they are an inefficient way to learn. Audiobooks are just spoken versions of the written word. Podcasts are meandering. Our engaging structured lessons are designed to teach you in bite-sized segments. Community - Learning by yourself is difficult. We are social creatures. With our mobile-native social learning features likes Q&A and downloadable resources, you get to learn new skills alongside others. If you are excited to peel yourself away from the screen and learn in a more natural way, we would love to have you join us.

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