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Modernizing event creation, promotion, and discovery on an authentic social platform



Vinay Ramesh

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Attending Princeton University with a major in Computer Science and certificates in Statistics and Machine Learning, and Engineering Management Systems.

Jackson Cohlan

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Concentrating in Economics with Certificates in Finance, History and the Practice of Diplomacy and African Studies @Princeton University

Hopper Hillegass

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Founder @Avenu Rowed D1 @Penn Studying Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Product Design @Wharton


Esha Mittal

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Experience with Amazon Web Services, C, Coding. Went to Princeton University, Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School

William Escamilla

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Applying for internships related to Software Engineering or Software Product Development!

James Shin

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Pursuing a B.A. in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Experience with Java, Python, and Swift.

Alex Ruan

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Experience with React, Javascript, C++, Python, and Java. Graduating 2021 from University of Michigan in Computer Science.

Leon Li

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E. Spencer Semple

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Sophomore studying Computer Science at University of Michigan. Experience with C++, Matlab, R. Looking to gain experience in the software industry this summer.

Filip Mazurek

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Duke CS grad. Experience with application design and product management.

Former team

Janum Shah

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